16 February 2016

Fussy Eaters, Holla At Me!

I'm a creature of habit. I like what I like and I stick to it. If it ain't broke don't fix it kind of thing. I'm just not a crazy party animal who can mix things up on the daily. The kind of people who just grab life by the balls and try something new are my heroes. I only wish I could live the dream that you are living.

OK, I'm actually not that bad. I'm open to trying new things in my day to day life. Ask me to give something a go and I'm usually game. I'm just glad that snorkelling or swimming in the sea aren't things that come up generally because hellz no. My issue is with food. I just cannot (seriously cannot, I've tried) apply any form of adventure to food. Like I said, I like what I like and I like it that way. So much so that my friends and family could tell you exactly what I'm going to order from certain places:

McDonald's? McChicken Sandwich Meal (Large, obviously. There are never enough chips in a medium!). Coke with no ice.
Asda's Create Your Own pizza? Double pepperoni, hot and spicy chicken and sweetcorn.
Route 38/05/303? BBQ Chicken. Strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and ice-cream (again, obviously. Why wouldn't you have ice cream and cream?) and a regular Pepsi.
Wagamama? Chicken Katsu Curry, Chicken Gyoza. A coke and a tap water.
Indian take-away? Chicken Korma, pilau rice and about 12 popadoms. Roughly. Love me some popadoms.
If we're heading to a local pub or café then you can bet your bottom dollar my face will light up once I see either ham, egg and chips or fish and chips on the menu. They are my jam and they never disappoint. I usually like to pretend that I'm looking for something else on the menu, which is usually met with a look from my sister because she knows that I'll just end up on my old faithfuls.

The list is endless but you've probably got enough to go on, so, I mean, feel free to invite me out for some food now... So, why am I so boring with food? You know what, it's because I've tried to be adventurous in the past and it bit me on the bum every time. I'm also just a really fussy eater and most things on a menu have at least one thing that I don't like. I don't want to be that person who sits there picking away at their food because no one likes to be that person. It's just safer to eat what I like!

I can't be the only one, is anyone else as boring and fussy with food as I am?

♥ L e o n a 


  1. I can be pretty fussy. When out my go-to would be burger and chips. Since turning veggie, it's just the veggie burger and chips haha. I like knowing that I'll enjoy the food. I'm someone who will sit and pick out any onions in my meal, so any sort of tomatoey curry, or chilli or anything like that is a no-go!

  2. *sigh* You're so predictable.
    You haven't mentioned your terrible taste in tea?
    That's worth mentioning.


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