16 November 2016

The One Where We Got Married.

What better way to come back to blogging than by sharing the most amazing day with you? Go big or go home, right? Well I'm going big with a gigantic post all about our big day. Our really bloody wonderful day. It's a whole load of photos with a few bits from me in between. I plan on doing a little wedding series where I go into more detail on each aspect but for now, I'm mostly going to let the pictures do the talking for you.

Awake at 7:00AM. There's nothing like a cup of tea and a chocolate brioche to wake you up on the morning of your wedding. The super-excited Maid of Honour lying in the bed to me also helped.
Who knew you could get six bridesmaids, two hair-dressers, one make-up gal, one photographer and two videogrophers into one kitchen?

While we were being made to look a million dollars, Liam and the groomsmen were busy working their magic at our venue, Shilstone House. There were a couple of little bits needing to be done before the venue staff took over - table plan being put into place, delivering the fresh flowers etc. All of us would be staying in the venue's beautiful accommodation - a converted barn style house - that night so the lads headed there to get ready before we arrived at 11:00.

A quick sneak up to the second floor of the house before the lads could see us while they were getting ready downstairs. A few people thought it was a little strange being in the same building as Liam but I really liked it. Knowing he was just downstairs getting ready while I was upstairs made it that little bit more exciting. Rushing past windows while he was outside in the sun so as not see him or him spot a glimpse of me.

 Liam and the Groomsmen occupied the guests as they arrived while the sun shone brightly. I ignored all weather updates during the week leading up to the wedding. I'd decided what will be will be. There was nothing we could do to change the weather so we'd just have to deal with the rain if it came. Well luck was well and truly on our side because I swear it was one of the hottest days of the year. We could not have asked for a better day.

Up until the moment before I walked down the aisle I was as cool as a cucumber. Leading up to the wedding people asked us both if we were nervous. The morning of the wedding everyone kept checking in with us both to see whether the nerves had kicked in yet. Each time they hadn't. Liam was never going to be nervous, he just doesn't get nerves. Me? I knew the second the music started playing and I had to walk down that aisle would be when my nerves kicked in and boy was I right. I knew that they were all waiting for us to arrive, for us to walk down the aisle and it made me want to vomit. I gripped on to my dad's arm so tightly and repeated whispered "dad!... dad?... dad!" until I got to Liam. Once the walk down the aisle was over I was back to being as cool as a cucumber. *insert sunglasses emoji here*

A couple of hours soaking up the sun was just what we wanted. The children were playing, the adults were laughing and everyone got on perfectly.

There were 5 speeches. I love a good speech at a wedding and I'm always so sad when they're over. Our wedding party certainly didn't disappoint. Laughter, memories and a little nod to those who couldn't be there was perfect.

 As the evening guests trickled in we headed out with our photographer, Dom. We genuinely could not be happier with the way he captured our day.
We then got our first dance over and done with. It was something we weren't looking forward to but we embraced it. I quickly made sure my niece was there with us to take away the limelight. Jimmy Eat World's 23 played while we awkwardly waddled on the spot for a while... for two people who didn't want to slow-dance in front of their guests we sure picked a great song to do it to! 

Once the awkward slow dance was out of the way we happily danced the night away to the completely awesome playlist we'd spent months putting together. Bobby Vee, Spice Girls, Paramore, Ne-yo, Panic! at the Disco, Hanson, My Chemical Romance and so many more played until sadly, it was time for the party to end.

It was honestly the most perfect day.

♥ L e o n a 

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  1. Such lovely pictures, this looked like an amazing day! You look beautiful <3 xxx


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